• Dean Del Prete


    As the CEO and co-founder of Cousins, Dean ‘s job is to constantly push the brand to new levels, always maintaining the core philosophy that the business is built upon. His office is often filled with a cloud of innovation as he develops the next great service.

  • Paul Sattler


    As a co-founder of Cousins, Paul takes on the role of CFO. This basically means it is his job to nag all departments, throwing random numbers and percentages at them. At the end of the day, his ultimate goal is to deliver amazing experiences for every single person that is touched by Cousins Paintball.

  • Steve Cusano

    LI Sports Park Facility Manager

    Steve Cusano is the Long Island Sports Park Facility Manager. He works with every department and employees to make sure the highest levels of service and efficiency are delivered every day.   Steve’s extensive knowledge of paintball and event management have earned him a seat on the board of the Adventure Group.  Operationally. Steve has […]

  • Dave Rotunda

    Director of Retail Operations

    Dave manages the “all things awesome” website (shop cousins.com) as well as the retail pro-shops. His incredible experience allows for the latest and greatest equipment to be available and serviced throughout our community. Legend has it that Dave’s amazing tech skills come from the hundreds of paintguns he has broken from throwing them.

  • Scott Sattler

    Operations Manager

    As the Operatios Manager, Scott is tasked with questioning everything, making sure every policy and process serves the customer and the company alike. It is rumored his sole purpose is to drive the operations department insane and if so, he is great at his job.

  • Rick Rydberg

    Office Manager

    Rick is the awesome guy that manages the reservations office, social media, and any other really cool things that the office puts out. He makes sure that all the craziness gets wrapped up into a neat little package to make your experience that much better.

  • Erin Kelly

    Service Specialist

    When she’s not serving volleyballs over the net or riding around in sports cars, Erin can be found at our main reservations office serving up the goodness!!

  • Peg Sattler

    Service Rep

    Peg is the bookkeeper and service admin in the corporate office. She keeps the debits equal to the credits but more importantly.. she makes Rick lunch.  Her smile can be seen through every phone call as she assists people book the perfect paintball outing.

  • John Boyd

    Service Rep

    John Boyd is a Service Rep with a mission.  His simple goal is to deliver the great gift of fun fitness to every human being on the planet.  His energy is contagious but then again…. so is the flu!  Welcome to the team John!    

  • Fred Dorski

    New Jersey Manager

    Fred takes on all operations and service for the amazing field located in Manchester, NJ. He has tremendous paintball experience (Mostly because he grew up with most of the trees on the property) and truly cares for each and every person that enters his field.

  • Jherzy Sanon

    Staten Island Manager

    Jherzy is the Staten Island location manager.  He is responsible for all events on Staten Island including private parties, tournament play, and anything that needs doing!  He is incredibly handsome and is known for his keen fashion style and good looks.  He also thinks that his Audi is much better than Steve’s Jeep.

  • John Pearsall

    LI Manager

    John is the Long Island location manager. He is responsible for all events on Long Island, including tournament play, private parties, weather and traffic.  Plus, he has an incredible beard!

  • Kiersten Miller

    Reservations/Graphic Designer

    Kiersten is our reservations specialist who also dabbles in graphic arts.  When she isn’t taking phone calls, you can find her working on creating amazing artwork on the Mac!!