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OP: Crimson Skies Part VI – Calverton – 2/25/18

February 25 @ 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Crimson Skies – Airsoft Scenario Game

Game presented by Ghost Dog Adventure Company.

As the fight for freedom has turned to a fight for survival, new leaders emerge as tactics and
goals shift for both sides. The Rebels having lost much of their capital for funding their
revolution in the last conflict are now heavily focused on maintaining their value in the worlds
eye through the oil fields. The Army has taken a different approach, robbing the Rebels for what
they had and using it as incentive to continue receiving overseas investments into their war

The Rebels still hold at their Fortress acquired from their last battle against the army. The
defenses have been weakened from an earlier winter conflict, in combination with now needing
to split forces to protect their recently gained oil interests the Fortress is left lightly guarded.
Ultimately the Rebels need to control and fortify both villages to use the local population to force
the army out.

The Army has come through with its new leadership highly valuing collected intel and
establishing forward base of operations no matter the cost. The Army is now flexible between
moving troops from their command center to a new fire base where they can launch raids into
the village and beyond toward the fort. The Army still needs to seize and control the fort to fully
surround the Rebel forces for the final assault.

Starting the respawn points will shift, the Rebels will spawn behind the hill that borders Oil
Refinery. The Army will Respawn further downhill, halfway between the Firebase and the
Shanty town village. There will be one medic per 12 players. Each medic will have supplied
bands to wrap around a hit players arm to allow them back into play. A player may have on as
many bands as a medic is willing to give, but the medic will have a limited supply of bands. The
bands should be reused, each time a player goes to respawn they leave arm bands with their
commander or an advisor to be later allocated to medics as needed.



February 25
11:00 am - 4:00 pm