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OP: Frost Fall – Calverton – 12/23/17

December 23 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
















OP: Frost Fall

Gates open @ 8 AM. Registration opens at 9 AM. Orientation will be at 10:30 AM. The game will begin at 11 AM and run till 4 PM.
The game will run continually and only break if necessary, if you choose to take a break make sure your team is aware!
Uniforms (MUST READ!):
Rebels – NO tactical gear! Civilian clothes only, (i.e., jeans, t-shirts, sweat pants, etc.) We will allow a chest rig or combat belt but try to minimize. Solid color BDU (except tan) will be accepted
Army – Must have camo top and camo bottom. No black T-shirts.
We will be using armbands as well to aid in team recognition but we ask that to keep the spirit of the game that both teams wear the appropriate uniform for the team you want to play on. if you are in camo, you will be put on the Army side even if all your “friends” are on rebel and vice versa.
The Rules:
1. Full Seal goggles with soft face cover must be worn on playing field at all times. Participants under 18 MUST wear solid full face/ear coverage
2. UN (blue helmets) are a non armed force. They are responsible for missions.
3. There will be 4 control points worth 100 points per snapshot taken once each hour. Each control point will manned by a role player or “local” who will be in charge of distributing the mission sheets until all the control points are in play. Then they will act as in game referees, choosing sides and suggesting plans to continue the domination type game.
4. Locals and Non-players have a bleed out of 3 minutes.
Players must show red rag in direction they were hit, then immediately return to respawn for a time of 2 minutes. All entry and exits are through the respawn area, you cannot just walk on A.O. anywhere.
5. Chrono-
Standard AEG/Rifleman – 400 feet per second w/ .25 BB
Support weapon – 450 w/.25 BB (50 ft minimum engagement)
Sniper Rifle – 500 w/.25 BB (100 ft minimum engagement)
Support and snipers need to use pistol or avoid Close quarters contact
6. All players must have a red “Dead Rag” and use it when shot, whether waiting on Medic to heal or walking to respawn
7. Field staff will be on Radio channels 1-10 please operate on 11 or above
8. Please Dress appropriately for the weather.
After a rebel victory, the army forces had to reassess its attack plan to rout the rebel contingent and regain control of the East end.

The scenario…

The army forced a change in leadership leaving the former commander on the run. Being a former rebel before rising to command, the army wants to capture him before any important intel can be leaked to the rebels. Army command is using the capture mission as a cover to use brutal tactics to strike at the rebels supply line. By leading clandestine raids the army will continue to strike at the rebels despite the growing public disdain for the war.
The rebels need to secure their supply lines for the incoming winter. Public opinion of the war is beginning to favor the rebel cause leading to a high recruitment rate. They need to secure it by contributing to both security and building resources to the local population. This must be accomplished before the harsh winter sets in and the effectively become locked in place until the season gives.
The local population will hold intel packets specific to the mission they need to be accomplished by either side. This intel will be marked maps for best routes to run supplies, places to help build infrastructure, and safe places for supply depots.
The Army will use these maps to block supply routes, and capture or destroy the depots in order to starve the rebels out over the winter.
The Rebels will use the maps to establish supply lines for the upcoming winter season to freeze out the Army still fighting to hold onto the area.



December 23
9:00 am - 4:00 pm