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Riverhead/Long Island
407 Edwards Ave
Calverton, NY 11933

Manchester, NJ
750 Whiting New Egypt Rd
Manchester, NJ 08759

New Windsor, NY
380 Mt. Airy Rd
New Windsor, NY 12553

Call 1-800-FLAG-007
for more information.




Operation Crimson Skies Part III is here! The event will take place at our Riverhead field on Sunday, February 8. Click the link below for more details...


AIRSOFT Parties!

Have a group of 10 or more? We can provide you with an Airsoft private party!
Private parties are 3 hours long and are available on Saturdays. We have morning sessions and
afternoon session which must be booked in advance.

AIRSOFT Open Play!

Open Airsoft play is run every Sunday from 10-3 at our Calverton. Please check availability at our Manchester, NJ location @

Riverhead NY
$20.00 Prepaid
$30.00 Walk-ons
$20.00 Rentals

New Windsor NY Closed for winter, reopens March 7, 2015
$15.00 Prepaid
$25.00 Walk-ons
$20.00 Rentals

Be safe and have a blast!


• Field approved Barrel Covers are required to play.
• You must attend the safety briefing in order to play in the game.
• Safety Briefing will start at 09:45 and games will begin at 10:00 hours

Face Protection:
• Under 18 you must wear a COMPLETE full seal paintball mask.
• Over 18 you may way a complete paint ball mask or FULL SEAL ANSI rated goggles with some sort of face protection. Ex. Shemagh, balaclava
• We WILL be checking IDs. BE PREPARED
• Violations of this rule will result in expulsion from the game.
- If you are fogged up and can not see try to call over a referee or tell a fellow player you need a referee. They will help you out the best and safest way they can.

Field FPS Limits
These limits are tested with .25 gram BB. We will be checking every weekend.
• Assault Weapons: 400 FPS, 15 ft engagement rule
• Support gunners: 450 FPS, 50 ft engagement rule
• Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifles: 500 FPS, 100 ft engagement rule, Locked Semi-Only
• Bolt Action Rifles: 550 FPS, 100 ft engagement rule
• Any gun shooting the above limits are considered in that class and must abide by set rules.
• If you are with in 15 ft of an opponent you will say "Safety Kill" in order to take them out safely. Players who are "Safety Killed" Must abide this rule. No exceptions.










Visit any one of
our stores today:
750 Whiting New Egypt Road (Rt. 539) • Manchester, NJ
(732) 350-2200
450 Commack Road • Deer Park, NY 11729
(631) 782-3300

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